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Who We Are

Orange represents the passion and fire of red, tempered with the wisdom of yellow, and that is a vision of how Orange Lifestyle Collective (OLC) approaches everything we do.


Our goal is to create positive impacts through the use of our innovative natural and sustainable materials, and we will continually challenge ourselves to improve and stay on the cutting edge in this regard. In doing so, we will inspire the fashion industry to look beyond harm mitigation and find the positive impact solutions that we know exist.


The strength of our Collective is that we cover a broad lifestyle spectrum, but at the same time have experts in each segment that knows the category deeply.


Our History

We pride ourselves on 3 generations worth of industry experience originating from Vietnam. ​


The previous generation used its strategic partnership with a prestigious Japanese company during the 1920s to monopolize all textile mills in the country.  


The business was then relocated to Hong Kong due to the civil war. All investments were subsequently redirected to dyeing / weaving mills while there the company itself was publicly listed in 1972. ​


In 1995 the group founder started investing in Vietnamese / Cambodian garment mills to diversify the industry to this day.


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