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Johnny Huynh
Founder l OLC Group

Founder of OLC and a 3rd generation family member of a 140 year old textile dynasty. The textile mill was started in Vietnam by John's grandfather and extended to HK and China by his father and family.

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Simon Chow
Co-founder l OLC Group

Co-Founder of OLC, K!BO and Director of Splendid Footwear. A second-generation footwear manufacturer, Simon's family has been manufacturing and trading footwear out of Hong Kong and China for over 50 years to all corners of the globe. Educated in Australia, Simon is an avid supporter of sustainability, and head up all footwear in our group.

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Cherie Lee
Co-founder l OLC Group

Passionate for sustainability fuels Cherie to commit to leverages her expertise for 18 years in branding & packaging design, project management in lifestyle industry. Tech-savvy and a process optimizer, she utilizes tools to streamline operations and amplify brand impact. (HK Polytechnic - Design grad).


Yoshiro Asano
Affiliate Partner l OLC Japan
Founder of YA-Trade

As the founder of YA-trade and a second-generation member of a 60+ year-old Japanese textile legacy, he brings over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and selling textile products. Committed to the core principle of 'consistent management,' aim to provide stable quality and professional expertise that Japanese craftsmanship has come to be known for. With in-depth textile industry knowledge, his company strive for innovation and creativity, offering unique and high-quality products. His company capabilities span various needs, including custom design, mass production, and staying abreast of fashion trends. He eagerly anticipate collaborating with everyone to create exceptional textile products along with his trusted strategic affiliates Xinlin and OLC.

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May Cheng
Co-founder & CEO l OLC Singapore

May Cheng, founder of a consultancy firm, brings over two decades of experience in the retail sector with her. Recognized for her innovative spirit, May excels in strategic partnerships and community building, fostering growth-oriented collaborations. Committed to advancing women's empowerment, she leads CSR initiatives and serves as Vice President for SBPWA. With a background in owning a popular café chain in China and managing a reputable spa, May offers expert advice to hospitality and wellness businesses. Her interests in sustainability and luxury fashion led her to join OLC Singapore, showcasing her ability to pivot and excel in diverse sectors.

Cassie Sim
Co-founder & Creative Director l OLC Singapore

Artist, Writer, and Creative Professional with experience in effective branding and storytelling. Cassie Sim is also a content strategist in a reputable marketing agency. Contributed to Squinch with articles on art events and critical reviews. Supervised Studio Programmes at Bank of America Art Lab, educating visitors and maintaining facilities. As a Gallery Associate at Yeo Workshop, focused on elevating emerging artists. Accomplishments include managing the Julius Baer Next Generation Art Prize and upgrading communication channels. Also worked as an Art Critic, Art Writer, and History of Art Tutor, promoting diversity in the arts. Experience includes roles as an Art Management Intern, Gallery Intern, and Art Exhibitor. Skilled in marketing, communications, and creative problem-solving.


Yuko Okita
Affiliate Partner l OLC Japan
Representative of Y.S. Japan Co. Ltd

Over 20+ years experience in hard goods  trading.

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Man Hayashi
Brand & Retail Director l OLC Japan

Over 20+ years extensive experience in Fashoin Branding and Retail.


Gladys Zhang
Founder l Modat Int'l Lifestyle

Entrepreneur who started her fashion business in 1995 after getting an EMBA from China Europe International Business School. She set up Modat factory in 2005 in China then expanded to Myanmar in 2015. She spends over 25+ years in Carnival apparel and products, now become one of the leading suppliers.

our team


Pavel Brejcha

OLC Europe  

Creative Director

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Natalie Linsalata

OLC Spain  



Eunis Chan

OLC Asia  

Partner & Stylist

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